Rats 'n' Roses 

Release date: Aug. 21

Check it out! Not one, but 2 CDs being released on August 21! Both bands are from Germany and both of these albums are killer! Head over to the shop to pre-order a copy now. We will also have a limited amount of Magic Summer vinyl. 

The Queers / The Two Tens

Release date: Sept. 18

ProRawk Records is excited to bring you 2 brand new songs from everybody's favorite punk rock icons, The Queers! They're back with an all new and truly amazing 7-inch  that will take you back to the purest form of pop-punk. And this time they've teamed up with The Two Tens, a high energy, garage-punk duo from LA. Head over to our shop to pre-order the new split 7-inch, which will also be released in Europe on SBÄM Records. 

Latte+ for dummies

Release date: June 21

The boys from Italy have been making kick ass punk rock since 1997. With numerous albums under their belt, some of which hard to find, we've decided to release a collection songs from their last 3 albums, plus a couple of bonus tunes. 

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