New collection of 22 classics, 2 new tunes, and 1 cover from these Italians on CD.


LATTE+ have been tireleslly kickin' out the jams since 1997. With numerous albums, some in English and some in Italian, the band has picked up a pretty solid fanbase in Europe. After the release of their latest album in 2019, we decided to put together a collection of songs to help introduce these crazy Italians to American ears.  It is not necessarily a best of compliation, but rather a collection of songs that define LATTE+. The songs, which were handpicked by the band and ProRawk Records, were taken from their last 3 albums with the addition of 3 more bonus songs. Enjoy!



1. Here Comes Summer Again

2. I Don't Wanna Be With You Tonight

3. No More Than Three Chords

4. It's Ok For Us

5. Anyway I Wanna Be With You

6. So Long Motherfucker

7. I Wanna Be Like Steve McQueen

8. Everybody Listens to the Ramones Even My Mom

9. Stitches

10. Screw You

11. Another Sleepless Night

12. Darkness Inside Your Heart

13. Missiles

14. I Can't Figure Out What To Do

15. Liquid Glue

16. I'm Gonna Kick You In The Ass

17. Next To Ruin

18. Cookie

19. I Miss You

20. Waiting For You

21. Phocomelic Boy

22. Sleepyhead

23. Lost in Berlin

24. Your Time Is Over

25. Attitude

LATTE+ For Dummies