The Nice Package Q & A 

Q: Gee Prorawk, what makes your package so much nicer and better than everyone else’s package?
A: First off, our nice package is just bigger than everyone else’s and we always aim to satisfy. Our package is also a bit Fuller, and we really like to stuff it in the box for a speedy delivery!
Q: What does your NICE PACKAGE come with?
A: Well that’s a pretty loaded question right there, so we will just quickly list off all of the perks that seem to get people really excited to just jump right on our NICE PACKAGE...
- The Fullers ‘Cheers’ 12” LP (White/Red splatter)
- The Fullers all new ‘Anchors’ T (double sided with ProRawks RAWK ONE OUT logo on the back)
-The ProRawk Records Logo T
- ProRawk’s ‘On The Rawks’ Compilation
- ONE Very Rad Mystery Item
- Maybe some stickers if we have any left
Our NICE PACKAGE has a retail value of over $60, but you can tug this huge package for yourself for just $35 (Limited Time)
*Free BonusThe Fullers are one helluva punk rock band and every digital person out there should really have a copy of their ‘Cheers’ album loaded into their MP3 Player/IPods... So if anyone would like a free download of this punk rock goodness, please tap us in our RawkBox (at w/subject line THE FULLERS DL



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