These are slightly delayed from the plant. We should have 'em by mid/late December. We apologize for the delay and we will get them out ASAP.


The Queers and The Jasons - Unhappy Campers (Split) PREORDER Release Date: Mid/Late December. (USA Shipping Only) Format: 10" Vinyl/CD/Digital Catalog: PR-45 The Queers and The Jasons have teamed up for the highly anticipated 'Unhappy Campers' split -And it's definitely a good one that fans won't want to miss out on! The Queers bring the heat on this one with all newly recorded and fresh takes on four of their 'Back To The Basement' classics- And just in time to mark the 10 year anniversary of the album! The Jasons crank it out hard with four fan favorites, all slightly tweaked from their originals and recorded by Joe himself during 'The Joe Queer Sessions'! Truly a great split and def one for the collection! PreOrders Open Now! Available in Red, Blue, standard vinyl, and CD! ** For All Orders Outside The USA- Please Order From Our Friends Up At Punk & Disorderly Records! The Queers/The Jasons - Unhappy Campers Tracklist The Queers 1. I'm Pissed 2. I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp 3. Titfuck 4. Pull Me Out Of It The Jasons 1. Mommy Got Beheaded By A Bimbo 2. Crazy Ralph (Shut Your Mouth) 3. Red-Blooded American Punk Rock 4. I Dowanna Be A Mongoloid

The Queers / The Jasons - Unhappy Campers (Vinyl/CD)