New album on CD and limited amount of White Vinyl. Vinyl also released on SBÄM Records in Europe in 2020. 


Hailing from Germany, The Special Bombs formed in 2017. Drawing influences from The Flatliners, the Bouncing Souls, and Alkaline Trio (among others), the band seemlessly blends skatepunk and streetpunk with honest, relatable lyrics for a unique, yet familiar sound. 


After listening to the band's debut album on SBÄM, we were eager to spread their sound to as many people as possible. 



1. My Eruption

2. Still Dreaming

3. Back to Reality

4. Swim Upstream

5. Looking for a Cause

6. Not Too Old

7. Black Eye

8. Nothing in the World

9. United

10. The Night

The Special Bombs-Eruptions